Visible planets in late November and December 2021

Venus, Saturn and Jupiter with naked eyes into the evening sky of December 2021

How to find the Brightest and visible planets in the night sky of December 2021

  • For the amateur astronomers and night sky observers, December 2021 is going to be the very interesting. Because in this month 3 bright planets Venus, Jupiter & Saturn will easily observe with naked eyes.
  • December evenings are going to be magical for those who have astronomical gears and telescopes, even this trio is looking amazing with naked eyes in the evening sky.
  • Let’s see how to point out these planets into the sky of december 2021,
    • Just go outside into open field area where you can clearly observer the sky.
    • Now point out in the west direction where sun-sets.
    • Just after the sunset you can clearly observe something very bright shining object few degrees above the west part of horizon, That is Venus! It is the brightest planet that we can see with the naked eye from the earth. If you have small telescope like 60mm or more then you can witness phases of the venus too.
This is the image of Venus. This image is taken with a 76 mm telescope and smartphone. This image shows that how venus phases are visible from the telescope.
  • Now if you further go upward in the same path of venus, you will find anothe bright object in to south-west direction. That is known as the planet Jupiter. And in between Jupiter and Venus you can see little bit less brighter object than jupiter but observable with naked eye, that is planet Saturn.
    • If you have telescope then you can easily witness the bands of jupiter with their 4 moons and rings of saturn.
Image by NASA on Unsplash
Image of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn from the Stellarium software
You can clearly observe this view in the evenings of December 2021

The night sky of December 2021 is going to be the best time to observe these three bright planets Jupiter, Saturn and Venus just after the sunset, so astronomers get ready with your gears to witness beauty of the night sky.

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