Tonight’s Best


Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune

Venus & Mars will be visible in the morning sky by February 2022

Messier Objects

M31, M33, M45, M1, M42, M44, M81, M87, M104, M51, M83, M3, M101, M4, M5, M13, M27, M12, M10


NGC 869, NGC 884, NGC 3372, NGC 5128, NGC 4755, NGC 5139

Bright stars and Double stars

Mira, Beta Phoenicis, Achernar, Polaris, Algol, Aldebaran, Rigel, Capella, Betelgeuse, Canopus, Sirius, Castor, Procyon, Pollux, Regulus, Becrux, Mizar, Spica, Arcturus, Vega, Albireo, Altair, Deneb, Fomalhaut, Bellatrix

Bright Comets


Note: This list contains the best deep-sky objects that can be easily visible with binoculars and small telescopes, otherwise there are lots of deep-sky objects available in the night sky which can be seen through large telescopes.

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